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Best ST John Villas Value: Romantic Villa Solemare

January 27, 2015

In sleepy, gorgeous Coral Bay USVI is the best luxury ST John villas value. Villa Solemare should be in Peter Bay, but isn't. And, aren't you lucky.  

First time ST John Villas guests don't realize how varied a villa community ST John really has to offer. There are many, many fine villas on ST John. Some are simple and cozy that were built by simple people with not much more than a dream (and every dime they ever made). Others are family functional, meant to be perfect for lots of happy kids flopping around in a shallow pool. And then, there are the romantic villa gems ... the luxury villas that even the most well-traveled and jaded of guests look at and go  ... "Oh my God that is gorgeous." 

Peter Bay in ST John is "the" upscale community for homes in the multi-million dollar range. You expect to find a villa extraordinaire here because ... well, it's expensive and you get what you pay for, and believe me, you won't be disappointed. 

But, there are multi-million dollar villa gems sprinkled throughout the island of ST John that aren't in Peter Bay, but in more off-beat places where a visionary owner once stood on a vacant and steep plot of land and said, "Here I will build my romantic dream home."  And Villa Solemare is just such a place. 

Giobatta Corrado Bruzzo was my friend. I met him when I first came to ST John to build my own villa dream, Mooncottage. Corrado was a gracious and spectacular man in all respects. He was raised in Genoa, Italy and admired the views from the secluded and private rural splendor of Evangeline Mountain in Coral Bay. Above all else, he was a gentleman, and attracted attention wherever he went dressed in crisp white linen and a straw hat, he seemed to have stepped out of a European travel guide. He sailed here first, and fell in love with a view that he said reminded him of Sardinia. And, what a view it is. 

In any case, Corrado was a chef, and a good one from Washington, DC. And, he built this house like his retaurants made fine ravioli ... hand-made, slowly and tenderly. And, with the finest ingredients. Nothing was too extraordinary for his ST John Villas masterpiece. He hired the preeminent ST John architect Glenn Speer to design it. The best carpenters on the island to custom make the furniture and woodwork--people like Stephan Scholz . And he installed an immense, romantically arched disappearing edge pool when NO ONE built disappearing edge pools in Coral Bay USVI ... much less anywhere on ST John. Marble everywhere. Luxury baths with skylights. And, the view can not be disputed as one of the finest on our pristine little island of ST John. 

Well, like many things, if you know real estate, it's all about "comps," right? In our lovely neighborhood that we all love out there in Coral Bay, there are some ST John rental villas that are somewhat expensively built, but not THIS expensively or extravagantly built. But, that means that Villa Solemare isn't priced as high as its quality might merit. And that is why it is one of our most popular villas. 

The neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful. The people freindly. All you will hear at night or the tropical sounds of nature and the surf gently lapping below you with trade breezes that are sublime. And ... the rental rates are probably half of what they would be if Villa Solemare were located in Peter Bay or another white glove neighborhood. 

Good for you we 'tink. Enjoy. 







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