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Simply Nothing Beats the Beaches on St. John

January 13, 2015

There are beaches ... and then there are BEACHES. St. John has more great beaches on this tiny island that are pristine and comparatively uncrowded. 

Look ... when it comes to a beach lover's paradise, I don't think anywhere has a better selection of world-class sandy beaches that are as clear as Gin ... than St. John. There are a number of easy ones to access all along the north shore. Like Hawksnest, and Cinnamon and the World Famous Trunk Bay seen in photographs everywhere. But, even the smaller ones like Jumbie and Gibney beaches are equally awesome. Go a little further and you can literally ump out of your car and into the ocean at Maho Bay. Then there are the South Beaches like Salt Pond Bay and Lamesheur Beaches ... a little more rocky, but the waters ar goergeous and snorkeling sublime. Of course my personal favorite is little Francis Bay Beach ... shhhhh. Go early and you'll be totally alone. Run on the beach. Do laps in the crystal waters. Hang out all day between the sea grape trees. Try to remember why you have a life anywhere else ... except here. 

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