St. Thomas Villas Collection
Sophisticated, Lively & Gracious Virgin Island Villas Experience

Experience sophisticated St. Thomas at a romantic Caribbean villa from our limited boutique villa collection. Feel and see why our private villa rentals are so different and so very different and special. When making a decision about where to take a Caribbean villas vacation, don’t settle for anything ordinary—each of our luxury St. Thomas villas have been hand-picked.  St. Thomas has been entertaining discriminating travelers for decades with charm and stately elegance and is one of the Virgin Island’s best Honeymoon Destinations.  St. Thomas is an exceptional place for a romantic Caribbean villas experience—an experience to stir deep emotions. For couple’s vacations, a Caribbean honeymoon or anniversary,  for a reunion of close friends or families—even for a small Caribbean wedding party. Experience a dreamy Caribbean villas vacation that is completely out of the ordinary.  Better yet, experience a Romantic Luxury Villa that is simply out of this world.

St. Thomas Romantic Villas – sophisticated & gracious

St. Thomas is the bustling and sophisticated U.S. Virgin Island capital that has hosted visitors from around the world for nearly a century. St. Thomas also hosts the nearest airport (STT) which is the jumping off point for villa guests headed for St. John villas. Our luxury Caribbean villas guests enjoy the many attractions here including shopping, golf course and beautiful beaches. You will never find a lack of things to do on St. Thomas or be bored for a moment when on your St. Thomas villas vacation.  There are numerous cosmopolitan five-star restaurants; many of them open to tropical breezes and the amazing views. But don't forget to sample the native cuisine, fresh local fish and dishes like crab and rice and kallaloo. When not lounging or relaxing at one of our romantic villas here in St. Thomas, spend your days at any one of our many palm-fringed beaches, rising from your beach chair or towel only to paddle about in the azure sea. St. Thomas is one of the best Honeymoon destinations for good reasons—a great place to enjoy a lively evening or be simply and blissfully alone. 

St. Thomas Villas – exciting adventures everywhere

Use a mask and snorkel to spy on the exotic undersea world that surrounds St. Thomas. Or don a SCUBA tank for an adventure down into the deep. Sail or windsurf to any of the offshore cays that dot the horizon, or practice your putt at our seaside Mahogany Run Golf Course. Our romantic villas are all outside of the downtown area in lush and private neighborhoods, giving you the best of both worlds! Come out from the luxury of your own Caribbean villas vacation to roam the many narrow streets and alleys of historic Charlotte Amalie, a small and sophisticated Caribbean capital which since the 1600's has enjoyed her share of island travelers. Take a few minutes from your search for that perfect piece of duty-free jewelry or original island art to absorb a bit of the islands history and heritage. The old stone buildings that now house an almost unimaginable array of merchandise once served to store the necessities of a plantation economy. Camille Pissarro, born above one of the Main Street stores, left a legacy found in the plethora of Caribbean art for sale here. Trek up the 99 Steps to Blackbeard's Hill where you will find Crown House, now a private residence, but when Denmark ruled the Virgin Islands, the home of several governors.

Virgin Island Villas Fun—beaches, breezes and views

Directly above are Blackbeard's Castle, built by the pirate Edward Teach, and the old Lutheran parsonage. Very few Caribbean villas in St. Thomas are located on their own beaches (all beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands are public), but St. Thomas is a small Caribbean island, only 4 by 14 miles, and it will only take you a few minutes to drive to any of our many and varied white sand beaches. Many or our private villa rentals are set into the verdant cliffs overlooking the ocean and cannot truly be called "beachfront" even though you can walk to the beach from some of our St. Thomas villas. They all have captivating ocean views - the U.S. Virgin Islands are also known for their incredible sea vistas, especially St. Thomas's sparkling harbor and town, and its incomparable "down-island" views of St. John and the myriad British Virgin Islands beyond.  Come and be dazzled!
BRING PROOF of YOUR CITIZENSHIP Everyone departing St. Thomas, even Americans, are now required by U.S. Immigration to show either a passport or a certified copy of a birth certificate accompanied by a photo ID - please don't forget these for the whole family!