Virgin Gorda Villas Collection
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Experience the rugged beauty and laid-back island romantic Caribbean vibe of Virgin Gorda—one of the dreamiest and most dramatic of Virgin Islands. Romantic Luxury Villas’ limited collection of Virgin Gorda villas are noticeably different. Virgin Gorda has a friendly, authentic island charm that is simply irresistible. Take a tour of a boutique villa from our Virgin Gorda limited Caribbean villa collection and feel the difference. For dreamy couples’s vacations, Virgin Gorda is one of the best Honeymoon destinations.  But, our Virgin Gorda luxury Caribbean villas are equally special for a gathering of close friends or families. Experience a dreamy boutique villa that is completely out of the ordinary.  Better yet, experience a Romantic Luxury Villa that is simply out of this world.

Virgin Gorda Villa Fun – from casual to idyllic retreats

Virgin Gorda is the perfect beach retreat for many island sun-lovers and connoisseurs and Romantic Luxury Villas is your host for finding the very best of the best private villa rentals. Although just a scenic 30-minute ferry ride away from larger and busier Tortola, sister island Virgin Gorda is less developed and slower-paced, and a very popular anchorage for charter yachts and power boats. Its spectacular white sand beaches are accessible by many of our exceedingly private villa rentals; edged by turquoise seas and wondrous coral reefs amidst the famous boulders perfect for snorkeling and diving. The Baths are a famous throughout the world where these immense boulders are scattered along stunning beaches, creating magical beachfront and underwater grottos—a truly exotic landscape that you can explore just minutes (or seconds) from Virgin Gorda villas out of a Caribbean dream. The Baths are not all the tiny idyllic Virgin Gorda has to offer. Visitors will discover striking differences in topography, flora, and even climate here from that of other Caribbean islands.

Luxury Caribbean Villas – beaches, hiking, parks & more

After a few days of lounging around at your romantic villa on Virgin Gorda, hikers may decide to take a jaunt to Gorda Peak near the center of the island, a rugged trail that leads up to 1,359 feet above sea level. A 360-degree view of sapphire blue waters and verdant hills and valleys is the reward to the most intrepid. And a drive to the North Sound area and Leverick Bay lends itself to diving, snorkeling and boating pleasures. Saba Rock and the Bitter End Yacht Club are popular pit stops for both sailors and island visitors. The South Sound area has its own charms, particularly vibrant coral reefs, privacy and lots of greenery. But Virgin Gorda's most truly romantic Caribbean allure lies in its relaxed and tranquil ambience. Enjoy all it has to offer from a Romantic Luxury Villa where you can kick back and just enjoy a simple island vacation away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by sun, sand and sea plus family and friends; there's no pressure here at all to "see everything" and "do everything".

Virgin Gorda Luxury Caribbean Villas – charming & cozy

Spanish Town (Virgin Gorda's only town!) is the shopping and dining center; the Copper Mine, over 400 years old, remains a popular stop in the southeast. Imposing cactus plants pepper the boulder-strewn landscapes just outside of Spanish Town—on the way to Nail Bay and Mahoe Bay you’ll find white sand beaches and snorkeling. British Virgin Islanders are friendly and welcoming, and as in many small communities, life on Virgin Gorda is more tranquil and simpler. A Virgin Gorda villa holiday is the perfect way to re-connect and rejuvenate. It's not hard to find your way around or get local knowledge on this little island as everybody knows everythin’ - so stop in the village to chat. Greet the smiling Virgin Gorda folks with a "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" and have an interesting conversation! Virgin Gorda and our exquisite boutique villas there can be reached via scheduled ferries from St. Thomas via Tortola, or by small aircraft flights from San Juan or St. Thomas … and it's well worth the trip!
BRING PROOF of YOUR CITIZENSHIP - To enter the BVI’s or re-enter the United States, all travelers - even children - must have a valid passport (or passport card if traveling by sea.)